Today I am off on my bicycle with a trailer full of gear, heading to the Ministry of Casual Living’s new location at North Park and Cook. I’m always amazed at what I can fit in a bike trailer. Yeah maybe it’s going to take me twice as long as if I used a vehicle, but simultaneously I will be exercising!  No need to schedule fitness, get two things done at once. “High performance people take the complicated and make it simple” Perhaps biking all this gear takes longer, but maybe it makes for a simpler life of human power and fresh air. Once I arrive, I’m excited to be doing one of the things I do best, making those walls picture hanging perfect. Last week I went by the space, it’s this (awful for a gallery setting) green colour. Also the walls themselves are in pretty rough shape. Out comes the disk sander and putty! This shit’s going to be smooth when I’m done with it. And the best part? I get to hang out with my good friend Matt all day. In fact, I may just stay the night in order to get an early start in the morning, with a mid day modelling break at Uvic and back at it to have a good portion complete. This commences my 7 day painting marathon…starting now!