The visual artist’s moniker, given to her after a week long art binge, although this binge has never really stopped. She uses the body as a medium for art, often interacting with the viewers. Collaborating with any particular space, concepts are explored through movement, play and destruction. There is never any pre determined outcome. These actions are meant to be experienced in the present moment only. Photographs and video simply document this ephemeral experience. Some themes she explores and experiments with are tea parties, being “civilized”, equality, interactivity, and freeing the nipples. Artopilot aims to instigate an experience for the viewer, indulging all of the senses.

╳The images below contain content that may offend some viewers. Discretion is advised. ╳





.                     .                      ..                     .                      ..                     .                      ..                     .                      ..                     .