Now begans my journey of collecting busted bicycle wheels. Calling all bike shops! I summon your busted wheels. I’ll take your cogs too. Have you ever heard the sounds of bike cogs hitting one another? It’s surprisingly delicate and pretty. I love the idea of taking scrap materials and turning them into something beautiful. Hey, I’ll take your rugs and pillows too.
The plan is to construct a large bike dome, that people can crawl inside and hang out in. The floor will be lined with rugs, pillows and blankets, scattered intermittently along the sides in a circular shape. +Inside the centre of the dome will hang the Chain-delier-wind-chime. It’s going to have to be lit up with UV lighting and painted with UV glow paint because that’s just trippy for the night crawlers. +For any one that needs to keep their hand busy there will be a basket of yarn. People are invite to play creatively with this, either adding to the dome, or working on the few individual wheels that will be laying around. +Keep your eyes out for the PedalBox Gallery! The interactive billboard tours around. One side calk board, one side connect the dots series. Who knows what will be revealed! It’s up to you to make it come to life. = You complete me <3