“We love having Christine join us at our Victoria Humane Society events!  The kids love having their faces painted and Christine does such a wonderful job – very whimsical!  It adds a wonderful element of fun to the whole day!”

-The Victoria Humane Society



Empowering kids to speak their minds, this opportunity brings a child’s imagination into life. Transforming faces into a variety of animals, characters and logos since 2007. This service uses professional products and offers high quality results. It can be used for entertainment purposes during the celebration of an event, public or privately.



Services Include

  • Diploma in Visual Arts
  • Over twelve years of experience
  • Intermediate French language skills 
  • Professional Supplies, FDA approved 
  • Table and chair 
  • Clean driving record
  • Clean criminal record 
  • Emergency First Aid certified 

We use professional paints and cosmetic glitter that are FDA and EU compliant, have not been tested on animals, hypo-allergic and are vegan friendly including Kryvaline, TAG and Diamond FX.

Standard Kit

  •   1-10 guests: $100 for 1 hour
  •   1-15 guests: $160 for 2 hours
  •   15-30 guests: $185 for 2 hours
  •   30-60 guests: $280 for 3 hours
  •   Additional artist: $55 per hour 
            *recommended for events over 30 guests
  •   Public event with any number of guests: $300 for 3 hours

Additional Services

  • Maternity belly painting 1 person: flat rate of $225 for 3 hours 
  • Full Body Painting 1 person: flat rate of $315 for 3 hours
  • Add balloon twisting to any package for $2.35 per guest

Additional time can be added to any package for $85 per hour
*Session can be booked in the artist’s studio (under 5 persons)
*Electricity for air-brush must be provided by host for offsite events
*Travel fees will apply for events outside of Montreal 
*Tax included in all fees