Christine White

christine-whiteChristine White is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Montreal. She is particularly inspired with using found objects, space, the body and includes interactive components to engage viewers. Bikes keep appearing in her art practice, and are a huge part of her lifestyle.  She likes to go on introspective expeditions and extrospective inquisition, accompanied by a cup of tea. Collaborating with people is also a huge part of her work, without them it would all be meaningless. Her mission is to connect people through art.


2010  –  2012 Diploma in Visual Arts      Camosun College, Victoria, BC Canada

A two year, full time, studio based program. This self-directed foundations program covered a range of mediums such as drawing & painting, print making, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, photography, film, animation, performance art, art history, contemporary art critique and attending artist talks and gallery openings

Group Exhibitions

Oct. 2015 Artopilot, Civilized, Cavity, Victoria
Jul. 2015 Mystifiers II, Bass Coast, Merritt
May. 2015 Untitled, Drone Fest, Open Space, Victoria
May. 2015 Sacred Geometry, Forbidden City, PedalBox Gallery, Victoria
Apr. 2015 Live Noise Jam, CFUV Radio, Victoria
Apr. 2015 Live Painting, Qi Club Opening, Victoria
Mar. 2015 FUNNNER, The Copper Owl, Victoria
Mar. 2015 Interactive Installation, Sole Power, PedalBox Gallery, Victoria
Feb. 2015 Artopilot & DJ Urine (France), Broken Mic, Logans, Victoria
Feb. 2015 Group Show, The Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria
Dec. 2014 Undy Hundy Art Sale, The Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria
Nov. 2014 Forbidden City, Oshio, Victoria
Aug. 2014 Mystifiers, Bass Coast, Merritt
May. 2014 Limelight Alumni, Solstice, Victoria
Mar. 2014 FUNNNER and Friends Celebration, Solstice, Victoria
Aug. 2013 Vancouver Island Artist Festival, Sooke
Mar. 2013 100 Artist in 1 day, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria
Aug. 2012 Vancouver Island Artist Festival, Honeymoon Bay, Cawichan Valley
Jul. 2012 Obscura, Cedar Hill Recreation Center, Victoria
Apr. 2012 Either Or, Market Square, Vicotira
Mar. 2012 Limelight, Cedar Hill Recreation Center, Vicotria
Sep. 2011 Invocation of the Hidden Secret, Turner Prize*, Open Space, Victoria
Apr. 2011 Out of the Grey, Grad Show, Camosun College, Victoria
Apr. 2011 Zombie Jesus, Absolute Underground Art Gallery, Victoria
Feb. 2010 Limelight, Cedar Hill Recreation Center, Victoria
Mar. 2009 Graduates, (invited) Cedar Hill, Community Centre Gallery, Victoria
Mar. 2009 Limelight, Imagination Gallery, Cedar Hill Recreation Center, Victoria
Nov. 2009 Goward House, Victoria
May. 2008 Limelight, Imagination Gallery, Perks Recreation Center, Victoria
May. 2008 Group of Seven, Community Arts Council, Victoria
Nov.2008 Goward House, Victoria
Oct. 2007 Exposure, Imagination Gallery, Little Fernwood Community Center

Guerrilla Art Exhibitions / Actions

Oct. 2015 Open Actions, Central School, Victoria
Sep. 2014 Open Actions, Mystic Vale, Victoria
Feb. 2014 Untitled, Coquihalla Rest Spot
Feb. 2014 Bells & Canon’s Noise, Cook’d St House, Victoria
Nov. 2013 Live Painting, The Underground, Toronto
Jul. 2013 Noise, Cook’d St House, Victoria
Jun. 2013 Face-painting, Pride Parade, Toronto
Nov. 2012 Fun Noise, Cook’d St House, Victoria
Nov. 2012 Open Actions, James Bay, Victoria
Oct. 2012 Defend our Coast, Legislator, Victoria
Oct. 2012 Window Upgrade Fundraiser, Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria
Sep. 2012 Noise Fest, Emerald City Lounge, Powel River
Jul. 2012 After show, Vic High, Victoria
Jul. 2012 Broken Mic II, Cenote, Victoria
June. 2014 Untitled, Secret Beach, Texada Island
May. 2012 Open Actions, Skate Park, Victoria
May. 2012 Broken Mic, Bunghaus, Victoria
Mar. 2012 Noise, Cenote, Victoria
Sep. 2011 White Noise, Cooked House, Victoria


2012 Angeline Haynes Memorial Award from Camosun College
2009 Visual Arts Award from Mount Douglas Secondary

Reviews & Publications

2009 Victoria’s Vital Signs, Youth Section, Victoria
2011 “Canada’s Unity Wall”, Monday Magazine, Victoria


Present Facilitator & Curator of PedalBox Gallery
2011 – 2012 Board of Directors, Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria
2008-2014 Organizing Committee, Limelight Youth Arts Exhibition, Saanich, Victoria
2007 Teen leader, Saanich Parks and Recreations, Victoria
2006-2007 Youth Line operator, NEED Crisis and Information Line, Victoria