It’s officially day 10 since the surgery on my knee. Turns out I messed up pretty bad. A piece of bone from my femur broke off at the joint, with cartilage attached to it, and it’s now been put back with a screw. I haven’t worked my part time job since Dec 16th. Therefor, I have been solely depending on my art practice for income and creatively sharing my space to reduce rent and living frugally. I have also had a lot of support from family and friends, sharing food and helping transport me around town when needed. It sounds like I’ll be going back to my part time job in May, after some rehabilitation on my leg.
This experience has definitely been challenging financially, and I’ve had to tap into my ‘bottle’ savings (bills I’ve been collecting in a bottle for almost a year). My original intention for this money was to help fund getting started driving and owning a vehicle. Time to resort to plan B (a positive spin on having to spend my savings on rent): A self-funded artist in residence program. I’m going to take the next two months to focus in on a few particular projects, and get them done!
Thanks everyone who’s been helping me out. This has shown me in particular how important my relationships are with the people I love. We are in this together. This is certainly a theme I like to explore in my work, by creating spaces and environments where people can connect. More coming soon!

Painted Knee

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